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I let you become my happiness; and that’s where I went wrong.
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 originals by George Platt Lynes

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Artist on Tumblr

Matthieu Bourel | The Singing canary on Tumblr (France/Germany)

Berlin based French artist Matthieu Bourel is obsessed with the power of images and their combinations. In Collage, he likes to watch every picture as the point of departure for a story to evoke an imaginative history or to inspire the nostalgia. This obsession of collecting disparate images from books, old magazines and other found material becomes a part of the emerging image as the mark-making. Those emergent narrative symbols seem to be charged with a familiar yet distant emotion.

[more Matthieu Bourel | artist found at boumbang]

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"Beauty & The Beast"
Arena Homme + FW2010
by Nick Knight

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When you come back you will not be you. And I may not be I.
by E.M. Forster, The Life to Come and Other Stories (via

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 Fresh Outdoor Shots Taken with the SuperSampler

The SuperSampler is one of Lomography’s Plastic Fantastic Cameras, and they’re called that for good reason. With the SuperSampler, a pull of the ripcord allows you to take four sequential shots in one frame, making analogue photography just a little more fun and unpredictable than usual!

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rosie huntington-whiteley in vogue italia dec. 2005, photographed by steve hiett